Paul Cairns: Lead
God looks on the heart!
I had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home. My parents attended every meeting that was on, so yes you guessed it, so was I and my 3 brothers. All my childhood memories is of going to church, attending our churches Gospel outreaches, seeing hundreds of people getting saved and watching our church grow from hundreds of people to a few thousand! My parents believed 100% in Proverbs 22-6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

When I was 12 our church, (Whitewell Metropolitan Church) had a Gospel rally in the Ulster Hall, Pastor McConnell was preaching, and the feeling of total conviction of sin that came over me was just incredible! I surrendered my life to God that night, realizing that my parent’s Christian experience was not enough but the finished work on Calvary that Jesus died for me! A personal walk with God was what I needed.

Growing up in a Christian home protected me in a way from the ways of the world, but as I got older, going to big school, meeting friends other than church friends, started to change me in a way, seeing them on a Monday and hearing the stories of what they were doing, who they were with and so on, It started to make me think that I was missing out on something!

I started playing in a football team and gradually started to hang about in the wrong crowd, drinking, smoking and so on, but yet on the Sunday I was in my suit singing in the choir, taking mints to cover the smell!!! I was fooling the Pastor and everyone in the church even though I knew that God looks on the heart! The many times I heard the Pastor say, “what were you doing last night, have you one foot in the world and one foot in the church” you see I was making God sick because I was lukewarm, I WAS MAKING GOD SICK! I was the biggest Hypocrite, I was an actor. I wasn’t into drinking at all, but got caught in the wrong crowd!

To my shame this went on for a lot of years, it was in October 1999 and I was at the crossroads, a decision that would shape the rest of my life! Choose me or your church!!! Bad decisions had cost me dear, I called my dad who was at a prayer meeting and on the way home I met him at Whiteabbey, my younger brother Jonathan was in the car, “Dad things are not good, could you pray with me, I cant take it anymore, I need to trust God fully”, my dad prayed and asked God to change my life.
A turning point in my life the best decision I ever made. I can truly say that God is the God of the 2nd chance and many many more.

I wouldn’t say that my life is a bed of roses and I don’t have trials and tribulations because I do, and fail God many times, but what I have is the greatest person a man or woman could ever have, a man that died for MY sins on the tree at Calvary, The Lord Jesus Christ and praise the Lord he’s coming soon.